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Are You Over 40 and Wanting to Feel Better?

FT Latham is looking for 10 people over 40 years of age who are willing to give 100% effort for 6 weeks...

Let Us Show You How Our Six Week Transformation Program Will...

  • Make Picking Up and Keeping Up With the GrandKids Easier!
  • Help You Fit Back Into The Skinny Clothes Hiding In Your Closet!
  • Help Your Burn More Calories So You Can Enjoy A Night Out Guilt Free!
  • Allow You To Do The Things You Used To Do 10, 20 Years Ago!
  • Make Standing In Front of The Mirror In Your Birthday Suit Enjoyable Again!

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  • EXPERT COACHING: Our team of certified and qualified fitness professionals specialize in working with people over 40 and utilize their knowledge and experience to get you the results you want!
  • PERSONALIZED PROGRAMS: This programs is designed to address the changing hormone profile of people over 40 to help you get the most out of workouts while keeping you safe and motivated. 
  • SUPPORT & ACCOUNTABILITY: Individual Coaching, 6 week Meal Plan, Daily Accountability & Personalized Attention ensure you reach your goals!


A Healthier Metabolism

After 40 your metabolism starts to decline not because you're older but because you're losing muscle at an accelerated rate and muscle burns calories! So much so that maintaining muscle mass is the ANTI-AGING Secret no one talks about! At FT Latham we specialize in rebuilding the over 40 metabolism so you can stop worrying about calories and just be healthy!

Increased Energy & Improved Mood

As you lose muscle your body becomes less metabolically active making it harder to get up the motivation to get started! Plus your hormones become unbalanced leaving you with cravings and a negative mindset.  The Buddy Up Training Program will start to rebuild your metabolism so you'll immediately feel better, have more energy and confidence making everything easier.

A Better Hormone Profile

Aging combined with today's lifestyle wreaks havoc on your hormones! It's bad enough your hormones decline as part of the natural aging process but the constant pressure of today's life drains your adrenal glands and elevates stress hormones resulting in more fat around your middle. Our 6 week program is designed to get you started in the right direction to build a better hormonal balance and BURN OFF that muffin Top.  

Take Action Now and Start Feeling Better!

Let the FT Latham Team help you get started!

We Specialize in helping people over 40 Look, Feel & Live Better


GIVE US JUST 6 WEEKS To Get You On Your Way...


1. Your Wellness Consultation - This is an opportunity for us to learn more about your health history, any previous injuries and your goals, as well as identify what is impacting your hormones the most now.  This also ensures our program is a good fit for you personally.

2. Two Complete Success Sessions - This will be done both at the start and end of the 6 week program. We'll determine your percent body fat (lean mass to fat mass calculation) so we know exactly what the number on the scale is telling us, as well as your movement & posture screens to determine where you'll be starting in the 6 week program.

3.  Twelve (2 per week) Personal Training OR Buddy Up Training Sessions with a Certified Fitness Coach - Designed to bring your hormones into better balance all while being pushed, held accountable, supported and encouraged for 2 sessions each week by your expert fitness coach.

4. Your 6 Week Nutrition Guide - So that you eat correctly for your changing hormones and for rebuilding your metabolism with out worrying about whether you're doing it right!

5. Daily Accountability - To make sure you're sticking to the program and staying on track and committed to helping yourself look & feel better than ever!


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"I've enjoyed nutrition classes with JennyMay which have helped me clean up my diet and eating habits. All the trainers at Fitness Together are just wonderful. They're supportive, very helpful, and they give you a lot of instruction on how to do the exercises properly. They have, in baby steps, brought me along, encouraged, and have been very positive with my strength training and diet which has really helped me toward my goal." - Nancy B

Everything. Trainers are very helpful with any issues or injuries you may have. The group classes along with the one on one sessions are great. I am so glad I joined Fitness Together and would highly recommend it to anyone that wants to better their health. - Debbie Y

"My quality of life since joining FT has improved significantly. The help nutrition advice given to me has completely changed my relationship with food. I look forward to my workouts at FT and believe that they have played an integral part in my transformation."- Nick P

"Fitness Together is an amazing fitness center. The professionals are extremely knowledgeable about both nutrition and the body, fun to work out with, and genuinely care about the well being and long term goals of each individual. The gym is not your traditional gym and no one is ever made to feel intimidated or self-conscious about their body or the level of activity that you are on. I have been with the gym for almost two years and would never change to another fitness center. The whole team is amazing!". - Pat N

"The periodic assessments keep me updated as to where I am currently at and where I’m headed. It gives me a greater sense of accomplishment and keeps me focused because I know all the hard work is paying off, instead of having to wait until the end of my program to see whether or not it did. I love being treated as a person and not just a “client”. I’m losing weight and inches while getting stronger every day!" - Denise K

"Professional, focused, trainers are so encouraging. I like the integrated approach nutrition, exercise, goal setting, mental processing of relationships with food. I also love the community of like minded people that is made in the studio." - Kim L


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12 Personal or Buddy Up Training Sessions

Daily Accountability

Easy-for-you Nutrition Guide

Individual Coaching

Private Success Session Before & after

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